Interview Piet Maris in De Standaard

Recently, Jaune Toujours frontman Piet Maris was interviewed about his roots, youth and more by De Standaard. Click the image below to read the full article.

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Pleidooi: Meer diversiteit in het Muziekbeleid op VRT!

Radio 1 voerde einde 2014 drastische veranderingen door, met aanzienlijke gevolgen voor de muzikale diversiteit binnen de programmatie. Vandaar het pleidooi en de petitie voor meer muzikale diversiteit op de openbare omroep.

Lees het pleidooi via deze link
Onderteken het pleidooi via deze link

New Mec Yek album ‘Super Diver City’ out now!

The gypsy incarnation that has developed from Jaune Toujours is called Mec Yek and Super Diver City is their latest recording.

MY SDC coverSuper Diver City contains some musical surprises: twelve tracks, nine particular arrangements of traditional Roma-songs, two songs written by singers Katia and Milka and one Amy Winehouse cover translated into Romanès. All nicely mixed together by Shazalakazoo, leading duo in Balkan Beats from Belgrade, Serbia. Also, against all expectations: Mec Yek is a gypsy band without violin.

For more info, go to

New Music Video ‘C’est Parti (à la rencontre des gens perdus)’

National manifestation November 6, 2014 in Brussels: what you didn’t get to see through the mainstream media.

Jaune Toujours invited for live session at ‘Cerys on 6′, BBC Radio 6

UK calling again! End of May 2014, Jaune Toujours was on ‘World on 3′ at BBC Radio 3, their album latest ‘Routes’ earned 3 stars in the Guardian and 4 in The independent … And now again, they received an invitation to play a live session at ‘Cerys on 6′, BBC Radio 6, September 2014. The 4th BBC session meanwhile for Jaune Toujours in their musical career. The session will be recorded on the 18th of September – Scottish Independence Referendum Day – to be broadcasted on sunday the 21st of September.

Update: Check out the live recording in the clip below!

Brand New ‘All Eyes’ Music Video

Check out Jaune Toujours’ latest music video for ‘All Eyes’!

Jaune Toujours invited for live session at ‘World on 3’, BBC Radio 3

Recently, Jaune Toujours’ latest album ROUTES did pretty well in the UK media, with – amongst others –  three stars in the Guardian and four in The independent. Now, Jaune Toujours has been invited to play a live session on ‘World on 3’ at BBC Radio 3, the 30th of May 2014. This isn’t the first BBC session for the band though: in 2005 they played at the London CBS-studios for BBC icon Andy Kershaw, in 2007 they performed on the BBC stage at the Womad Festival and in 2009 they did another ‘World on 3’ session with their Gipsy incarnation Mec Yek.

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