Jaune Toujours’ Europeana got a small review in the German magazine JazzThing.
Read the review (in German) by clicking the image above!

Jaune Toujours LIVE @ Music Planet – BBC Radio 3

logo BBC 3 Music Planet.png

Jaune Toujours will perform a studio session for Music Planet, the BBC’s eclectic world music show hosted by Lopa Kothari with the best roots-based music from across the world and live sessions from the biggest international names and the freshest emerging talent. Tune in on March 22 at 11 P.M.!

Europeana review in Folker magazine


Another Europeana review, this time by Christian Rath for the German Folker magazine!
Read the full review (in German) on the Folker website or by clicking the folker logo above.

3.5 stars for Europeana in Jazzthetik

” Die Band bleibt sich treu, musikalisch mit ihrer bläserbefeuerten Partytauglichkeit und inhaltlich ohnehin mit der Beschwörung von Solidarität und Hilfsbereitschaft “

Another review of Europeana by Jaune Toujours.
3.5 stars in Jazzthetik!
Read the full review (in German) by clicking the image above!

Europeana review by Tropicalidad.be


Another great Europeana review by Tim from Tropicalidad.be.

Be sure to check out their website, full of reviews, a concert calender and more!

Read the full review (in Dutch) on the Tropicalidad.be website or by clicking the logo above.

Europeana review in Hungarian by Ekultura.hu


We don’t speak Hungarian, so we don’t know what it actually says, but we thìnk it’s a rather positive review of Europeana, Jaune Toujours’ new album.
For those of you who do understand the language, you can read the whole article on the website of Ekultura.hu
And maybe tell us about it …

Europeana Review in Na dann…


…dies ist eine Frontal-Attacke gegen Belanglosigkeit

A short Europeana review in “Na dann…” magazine.

A frontal attack against triviality!

Read the full review (in German) here, or by clicking the image above.


Interview & Europeana review by Folk magazine


An overall concept

Bart Vanoutrive from Folk magazine met up with Piet Maris for an interview and wrote a very nice review about Europeana.

You can read his review (in Dutch) on the Folk magazine website.

The interview can be found by clicking the image above.


Europeana featured in fRoots magazine ánd in their favorite new albums playlist


Of course it’s political, responsive to the mess we face now. But like all the best political music, it’s also danceable, poetic and brimming with wit


Jamie Renton from fRoots got his hands on a copy of the new Jaune Toujours album Europeana and wrote an amazing review. But there is more!

Europeana was also featured in the fRoots favorite albums playlist and compilation cd!

Check out fRoots on their website and buy the magazine in their store!

You can read the full review by clicking the image above.



3 stars for Europeana in Songlines Magazine


It is raucous and brassy, pumped with energy and variety, a play-it-loud party album that distils all manner of influences into its grooves

Tim Cumming from Songlines gave Europeana 3 stars and wrote an excelent review.
Check his review by clicking the image above!

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