First review of EUROPEANA by Rootstime


Dani Heyvaert from Rootstime gave the upcoming album EUROPEANA a listen and loved what he heard!

The new Jaune Toujours is – yet again – one to cherish!

Read his full review (in Dutch) by clicking on the Rootstime logo!


Here it is – the cover for the upcoming album EUROPEANA!

Jaune Toujours proudly present you the cover for the upcoming album EUROPEANA!

cover Europeana by Jaune Toujours 500x500px

EUROPEANA will be released September 21, on vinyl and as a cd + book (30x30cm, 22 p.), with a selection of pictures by drummer/photographer Théophane Raballand.

On the 4th of October, Jaune Toujours will present Europeana at the club of the legendary Ancienne Belgique, in the heart of Brussels.

Hurry up and buy your tickets in presale. This way you can be the first to grab the album, for only a bit extra on top of the ticket price! Ticket + new cd = €25, you receive the cd on the evening of the concert.

Join the party and dance untill you drop!
Tickets & Info


Second episode of the EUROPEANA vlog

JT Europeana Vlog Ep2

The second episode of our vlog EUROPEANA is now online!

Subitles available in English, Dutch and French for this multi-lingual series (as you do in Europe).
For this episode filmmaker Sarah Baur followed Jaune Toujours to a gig in Köln in Germany. She also talked to the band members on how they came to join the band.


New single & music video from the upcoming Jaune Toujours album ‘Europeana’!


thumbnail Alles Normaal.jpg‘Alles Normaal’ is the first track to come out of Europeana, the forthcoming album by Jaune Toujours. This version was recorded live at Magasin 4, Brussels.

The music video was shot during the live recording of the song at Magasin 4 and on location at the Parc Maximilien in Brussels.

The song is in Dutch, optional subtitles available in English and French.

Music video by Sarah Baur.

Watch it here!

Already available on Bandcamp and soon on Spotify and all major streaming platforms.

‘Europeana’ vlog – Episode 1

Vlog EuropeanaChoux de Bruxelles proudly presents the first episode of the making of ‘Europeana’, the new album by Jaune Toujours.

Tri-lingual vlog – subtitles available in English, Dutch and French.
Vlog trilingue – sous-titrage en français, néerlandais et anglais.
Drietalige vlog – ondertiteling in het Nederlands, Engels en Frans.

Watch it here!

Sorry this first episode is quite noisy, we’ll work on that.

For the next episodes of our vlog, we would like you to send us your questions!
What would you like to know about Jaune Toujours?
We’ll be talking to Piet, Théophane, Mathieu, Mattias, Bart, Dirk, Yamen and Jo. Don’t be shy! No question is too weird or silly.

Head on over to the Jaune Toujours Facebookpage or the private Choux de Bruxelles Facebookgroup and ask away!

Jaune Toujours @ Freunde & Refugees Stuttgart – review by gig-blog – “JT schaffen den Spagat, fröhliche Partymusik mit ernsten Themen zu kombinieren, wagen sich an komplexe Rhythmen und Breaks. Das ist intelligent und spannend, aber niemals verkopft. “

Gig-blog logo

On July 9, Jaune Toujours played a show at Freunde & Refugees in Stuttgart.
Holger from gig-blog was there and wrote a very enthousiastic review. Steve Sonntag accompanied him and took some great pictures.
You can read the full review on the gig-blog website or by clicking the image above.

Jaune Toujours plays at “Freunde und Refugees” in Stuttgart (Germany)

On July 9, Jaune Toujours will be playing at “Freunde und Refugees” in Stuttgart (Germany), a festival to thank all the people that work with and fight for refugees! Check out the full line-up here!

Freunde und Refugees Stuttgart

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