‘Europeana’ vlog – Episode 1

Vlog EuropeanaChoux de Bruxelles proudly presents the first episode of the making of ‘Europeana’, the new album by Jaune Toujours.

Tri-lingual vlog – subtitles available in English, Dutch and French.
Vlog trilingue – sous-titrage en français, néerlandais et anglais.
Drietalige vlog – ondertiteling in het Nederlands, Engels en Frans.

Watch it here!

Sorry this first episode is quite noisy, we’ll work on that.

For the next episodes of our vlog, we would like you to send us your questions!
What would you like to know about Jaune Toujours?
We’ll be talking to Piet, Théophane, Mathieu, Mattias, Bart, Dirk, Yamen and Jo. Don’t be shy! No question is too weird or silly.

Head on over to the Jaune Toujours Facebookpage or the private Choux de Bruxelles Facebookgroup and ask away!

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